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Resico (India) Pvt. Ltd. is the noted Manufacturer & Supplier of Washed Graded Dry Silica Sand in the domestic market. We are producing industry standard quality of foundry products for its Indian metal casting industry and automobile industry. We offer it in high-grade packaging materials to ensure zero contamination during transit. Also, we ensure timely delivery of the orders. The company is well managed under the guidance of the Technical Director, Mr.K. Subramanian. We hold expertise in handling the bulk orders with the acute sense of responsibility.
Customer Satisfaction: We always strive hard in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and thus we conduct different tests to ensure flawless range of products.

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Washed Graded Dry Silica Sand

We have trusted name as Supplier of washed graded Dry Silica sand. We are able to bring forth the best quality of Silica sand, which has the high percentage of silica and low clay content. We assure buyers that the Dry Silica sand what we produce has no impurities. Our quality team ensures the best quality silica sand and Low Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) products. Silica sand is widely used in many purposes according to its high purity of Silicon content and low Iron content. Our Silica sand is used in Glass Industry, Crystal Industry, Silicon Metal, Silica Sand For Glass, Foundry, Painting, Oil And Gas Stamped Concrete, Water Filtration, Pool Filter, Golf Course, Water Treatment, Plastering, Ceramics And Glaze Frets. Bulk orders can be placed according to customers need.

Washed Graded Dry Silica Sand process methods
  • Dried by fluidized bed dryer
  • Sieving as per customer requirement (AFS)
  • High silica content
  • Low clay content
  • Low resin addition
  • Silica content Min 98.5 %
  • Clay Content NIL & Dried by fluidized bed drier
  • We can able to produce the customer’s critical specification also.
  • All AFS Silica Sand as per client requirement
  • 100 % Possible to reduce the resin addition to our sand

Resin Coated Sand

Used for producing a casting of highly precise dimensions, smooth surface, free of blowholes & to avoid casting defects. All grades of resin coated sand for the preparation of shell cores and molds either by conventional dump box method or by core shooter. Specially formulated to reduce emissions, smoke, and odor during the production of cores and molds in ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting. Superior blending capabilities and quality control procedures allowing us to deliver sand within a very tight and consistent range on each required sieve screen.

Resin Coated Sand Process Methods
  • We are able to produce critical specification like low resin coated sand.
  • We are capable for produce 1500 MT/Month resin coated sand
  • Handling used resin coated sand in government approved way
  • 50 kgs Hdpe bags.1 Ton Jumbo Bags.
  • All AFS Silica Sand as per customer requirement
  • Keep the customer environment green and clean
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AFS Testing

Resico Industries-Base Washed Sand

Foundry sand testing is a process used to determine if the foundry sand has the correct ... Fineness number (grain size/AFS Number) of the base sand.

The sand washer assembly consists of a motor stirrer unit, glass wash beaker, cleaning brush, metal stand, siphon tube and control box. An extra beaker is provided to enable the second test to be carried out concurrently within the settling and drying periods of the first test. The metal stand is designed to accommodate the wash beaker during the agitation period of the test and the siphon tube allows the clay/water suspension to be siphoned off, after the settling periods, without disturbing the sand grains in the beaker. The control box provides an essential means of timing and controlling the agitation and settling periods. It incorporates an alarm buzzer as well as a facility for by-passing the timer and allowing the stirrer to run continuously.

pH Level Testing

Resico Industries-Base Washed Sand

Foundry sand casting foundry there are broadly two reasons for rejection of the casting — metal, and sand — each of which has a large number of internal variables.

The potential for hydrogen in substances is measured by the pH scale, which runs from 0 to 14. Seven on the scale is neutral. A pH that is 0 to 7 is considered more acidic, with 0 being a high level of acidity. A pH in the range of 7 to 14 is basic, or alkaline, with 14 being at the highest basic level. Pure sand is mostly made from silica, a substance with a neutral pH of 7. But pure silica is rarely found outside laboratory settings. Sand in your garden or for sale in garden centers will have other materials mixed in. These can include living organisms, vegetative matter, even water, and salts. All these things affect the pH of what is recognized as sand.

Clay Testing

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Clay is a fine-grained natural rock or soil material that combines one or more clay minerals with traces of metal oxides and organic matter Clays.


Clay Washing along with automized cycle, microcontroller based electronic control box.

Misc Spec.:

Auto Clay washer conducts clay washing cycles automatically. The Number of cycles and washing time can be set by the user. It eliminates The need of Siphoning out water manually and other major manual interventions such as time punctuality for siphoning etc, ensuring The accuracy of readings.

Sand Type:

Silca Sand,


To check Total clay contents of sand sample


The washed graded dry Silica sand, offered by us, is 100 % pure and natural. We are currently exporting Silica sand throughout the Foundry consumers in India. Repeated orders from various clients are the testimony of our excellent quality, quantity and on time delivery. Our washed graded dry Silica sand is thoroughly tested in our well facilitated Resico Testing Lab so that the customers always get the best quality. Such salient features have brought a name among the prominent natural Silica Sand Manufacturers and Suppliers operating from India. Our valuable clients are from leading foundries manufacturing automobile castings, Pump and Motor Casting and general Engineering castings.

What Our Client Says

The manufactured Washed Graded Dry Silica Sand is highly recommended by our customers for the good quality and better yield.


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